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Microsoft Office 365 Login & Sign Up - Microsoft

Office 365 Login Office 365 Sign Up

Office 365 is owned by Microsoft, which offers a collection of software and services available under monthly or yearly subscription. Since 2010, Microsoft had made many changes to Office products and keeps on adding more features to the service. To be more productive in their work, Consumers and Business owner make use of these tools and service. Mostly Small/Medium Business Owner use office 365 login to connect with their team members.

  • For Consumers, set of productive software applications (Microsoft Office Package Application) to use on Windows or macOS with free cloud storage space (Onedrive) and 60 minutes of Skype call credit.
  • For Business owners, plan includes email and social service via hosted Exchange application in server, Skype for Business Server, Office Online, Sharepoint, Yammer and Office Software package application.

Office Product by Microsoft got released as beta in October 2010, Later Microsoft launched Office 2013 on 28 June 2011, after the success of Business Productivity Online Suite. These Microsoft Office Suite products targeted towards corporate people so that they could make use of this productive software with their team. After the launch of Office 2013, Next comes the office 2016 package that offers more software and services than 2013 version.



After all these upgrades, Microsoft expanded it as a plans focused for business owners only. Microsoft offers general basic plans for home/students.

Step 1 - Login to download Office

  1. Go to www.office.com and if you are not logged in yet, select Connect .

    Note: If you purchased Office for personal use through your company's Microsoft HUP program, you may not be able to log in here. For installation help, see Install Office through the HUP program .

  2. Log in using the account that you have associated with this version of Office. It can be a Microsoft account, or a professional or school account.

    Forgot your account information? See I do not know which account I use with Office .

  3. After logging in, follow the steps that correspond to the type of account with which you logged in.

    You signed in with a Microsoft account 

    1. In the Office home page select Install Office .

      Screenshot of the Office.com home page after login
    2. Select Install . (For Office 365 subscribers, you may be on the Overview page and must first select Office Installer> .)

      The 64-bit version is installed by default.However, if Office detects a previously installed 32-bit version, this version will be installed instead.

      Note: If you want to install a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office that is different from the one you have already installed, you must first unistall office . 

      You can then select the desired version. Select Other Options and select the 32-bit or 64-bit language and version of Office, and then select Install . 

      For more information on which version you need

    You logged in with a professional or school account 

    1. On the Office 365 home page, select Install Office Applications (if you set a different start page, go to aka.ms/office-install .)

      Screenshot of Office.com when connected to a work or school account
    2. Select Office to begin the installation.

      The 64-bit version is installed by default.However, if Office detects a previously installed 32-bit version, this version will replace it. (Note: The link may indicate Office 2016, but Office will install the most recent version of the Office applications indicated by your Office 365 administrator.)

      Note: If you want to install a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office different from the one you have already installed, you must first  unistall office . 

      You can choose the desired version. Select Install other options , your language, then under Version select Advanced , and choose 64-bit or 32-bit , and select Install . 

      For more information on the version you need.

    Office must now start the download. Follow the instructions in Step 2 to proceed with the installation.

    You do not see any installation options when connected? This may be a problem with your account.Select Need help? a little further up and review the Account Questions section.

Step 2 - Install Office

  1. Depending on the browser you are using, click Run (Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer), Install(Chrome), or Save File (Firefox).

    If the User Account Control prompt says Do you want to allow this application to make changes to your device? , select Yes .

    The installation begins.

    Window showing the progress of the Office installation

  2. The installation ends when the phrase "Everything is ready. Office is now installed. Appears. An animation will then launch to show you the locations of Office applications on your computer. Select the Close option.

    Follow the instructions in the window to find your Office applications. For example, depending on your version of Windows, select Start and then scroll to find the application you want to open such as Word or Excel, or type the name of the application in the search box.

    Office is now installed. Select the Close option

You have problems installing or connecting?

If you encounter a problem during installation (for example, the installation of Office takes a long time), click Need Help? to access a list of common problems.

Step 3: Activate Office

To start using an Office application such as Word or Excel, just open it. 

In most cases, Office is activated as soon as you start an application and click Accept to accept the terms of the license agreement.

If you need help with activation, see Enable Office 365, Office 2016, or Office 2013 .

Office 365 Email Login Features

Majority of its users are business owners and corporate people. Because of its productivity usage, many corporate are using this software and its services to communicate with their employees and teammate. Big Corporate companies started to use their services and product ever since the launch.

It comprise of multiple products and services. Most of the services and products are managed and configured on online portal

Main features of Microsoft Office 365 are listed below:

  • Outlook.com
  • Hosted Services
  • Offline Applications
  • Office 365 Education

Outlook.com: Under Outlook.com, there are various online services like., email service, calendar, contacts and task management integrated in business and enterprise subscription. (Outlook Email, Outlook Task, Outlook Calendar and Outlook Peoples).

Clutter feature in office 365, analyses user’s preferences and pattern in choosing certain email and based on that it will organize email and move unwanted emails to separate folder. This feature can be enabled or disabled once you logged in to outlook.com

Hosted Services: These hosted services and applications are only available for business and enterprise users. With this plan, users will get cloud based service platform on SaaS with Exchange, Sharepoint, Office Web App and Skype for Business. Plan includes 1 TB of online storage in Onedrive and 60 minutes Skype call credit per month.



Office Applications: Plans of Office 365 includes some basic office application in windows or mac. Office 365 package includes a set of software like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and few more. All these application are bundled in one package that comes as “Click to Run†package which can be started instantly and easy to download office 365 files simultaneously in background. Updating office suite is simple and easy to get live major upgrade and few minor fixes too.

Office applications are available for windows, mac and mobile phones too. Download Office Mobile apps on your Android or iOS devices to get basic editing options in Mobile.

Office 365 Education: These services and products are exclusive for students only. Schools and universities will have a separate office 365 sign in to access all products and services for their students.

All these services are operated and managed by Schools & Universities for their students and teachers to get communicated within the community. This packages include: Live Workspace, Onedrive, Spaces, Sharedview, Outlook Live, Live Messenger and Live Alerts.

Office 365 Plans & Pricing

If you have any issues with windows 10 or office 365 on windows, kindly go through the below listed issues or problem which everyone had faced and we have listed all solutions below. We hope the below issues is what you are looking for, if not leave a comment below and we will help you very soon.


Common Issues with Windows 10

List of common issues with windows 10, outlook and other error messages:

1) Can't able to find Office application after windows 10 upgrade.
2) Can't print documents after windows 10 upgrade.
3) Check licence details of windows 10 / product activation details
4) Error opening Office 2013 documents in Windows 10
5) Can't access Outlook mail on Windows 10
6) Mail in windows 10 is not opening


Installation & Activation Issues

Here are some of the minor issues you might face while installing or activating office 365 for windows/mac.
1) Office Installation taking more time to install
2) Activation error on Office 365 for windows.
3) Auto-update of Office for Mac is broken
4) Can't install the office package.

Office 365 Download Windows/Mac/Mobile

To use Microsoft Office package, you need to first buy office 365 from any of the above plan (Home/Personal or Business). Once you had bought, your microsoft account will be associate with the purchase of product. This email id associated with your purchase should be used in all the devices (windows,mac,mobile).

To download office 365 for windwos/Mac:

  1. Open any browser in your windows pc/mac
  2. Enter www.office.com and select your plan (home/student/individual/business)
  3. Now click on office 365 download to get ready to install package.
  4. Double click the package and it will start to install it on your mac/windows pc
  5. Once the applications are installed, You need to login with your respective microsoft account.

To download office 365 for android/iOS devices:

  1. Open your store in mobile phone ie., Google Play store or Apple App store
  2. Click on search icon and Type Microsoft Office
  3. Look for Office Mobile app from Microsoft Corporation
  4. Click “Install and app will be installed on your mobile.
  5. Once the app is installed, Open Office Mobile app.
  6. Enter the login email id and password to access your services from mobile.

How to sign into Office 365

In this section, we are gonna help only the people who are looking for design in to office 365 portal. Most of the user who had experience with office 365 login mail, would have know the steps to access portal 365 login. Some of the user have problem in accessing thelogin page.

Here is our complete guide on how to sign in office 365.

  1. Open any browser in your windows PC.
  2. Go to the official website of Office 365 Portal Login page
  3. Type www.office365.com and Click enter on your keyboard.
  4. Type login.microsoftonline.com and Click enter on your keyboard.
  5. Now you can see two boxes ie., email and password box.
  6. Enter your email id associated with Office product
  7. Enter your password in the password box.
  8. Once you had entered login credentials for microsoft office, You will be take to the dashboard of Microsoft Office Portal.

For all beginners, who needs some help in office 365 mail login. The above step by step will be helpful for them. If any of you have, any problem with Microsoft 365 Login. kindly comment below your problem. We will help you.

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