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What is Hotmail?

Hotmail now known as Outlook is an all-time famous Email Service Provider which has been used for ages up till now. Undoubtedly, Microsoft Hotmail is one of the oldest Email service providers as it was founded back in the year 1996 as a joint venture by Mr. Sabeer Bhatia as well as Mr. Jack Smith, in California.

Does Hotmail still exist?

It has multiple names as it is known as MSN and Microsoft Windows Live. However, this title has now been changed to Outlook but the email service is still the same.

In the year 2012, Hotmail was rebuilt and was renamed to Outlook and all the previously made accounts that were made on had shifted to the new domain that is

How can we use Hotmail now?

When Hotmail now rebranded as Outlook was launched for the first time, those accounts which were running freely offered outstanding features such as spam filtering, escalated virus monitoring and storage up-to 250 MB. But when Microsoft obtained the service, they introduced some more amazing features as well.

Now, the account holders were able to save their contact list in a particular address book and they were also provided with a scheduled calendar for flawless arrangements.

There was one more feature added by which the users could choose a package of their preference through which they could update their respective Account by submitting a subscription fee. However, this feature was completely optional and those who were not interested could simply ignore it.

To this day, apart from sending and receiving emails, it offers many more services such as virtually unlimited free storage, users can connect their accounts with different applications like Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Google. Microsoft Account also offers a built-in search bar, spam filters and can be accessed through mobile phones as well.

How to Sign up for Hotmail Account?

Now and then a person feels a need to communicate electronically to different people for different purposes and such communication can only be made possible through electronic media.

By making an email account, you can easily connect with your friends and family by sending and receiving emails from them.

However, the fact should be remembered that an account can only be created from their website as the application does not offer this feature. Following are the easy to follow steps to create an account.

To create a Microsoft Outlook Account, you will need to follow the steps given below:

First of all, open your web browser and type and it will redirect you to Hotmail Sign-in page. Now, look at the right side of this page and click on Create Microsoft Account given at the top right corner.

Now you will be asked to create an email address for your new account. Click on the right side downward symbol and it will open 2 options in which you can choose either or as the domain of your outlook email address.

Then you will need to insert a Password of your choice in the Create Password text box.

Note: Your Password is a secret and it must be strong use both numbers, special characters and letters.

Now if you do not want to receive any promotional stuff from Microsoft then simply uncheck on the row where Send Me Promotional Emails From Microsoft is written. But, if you do want to receive these promotional emails then skip this step. Click Next to proceed further.

Then type your First Name and Last Name in their respective boxes and then click on Next.

Now enter your Country/Region as well as your correct Date of Birth and then press Next.

At last you need to enter the Verification Code that has been sent to you by Microsoft Corporation. Its a distorted picture of numbers and letters which you need to put in entering The Characters You See box. You can always get a new code by clicking on New. Also, you can get an Audio version of the same code as well.

Click Next and your account will be created and you can now see the tutorial page.

By following the steps above you can easily create a new account for Hotmail.

Hotmail Login

Once you have made a Outlook Account, you must now be urged to use your account from time to time and at the same time you cannot always keep your account logged in. To re -log into your account following steps can be used:

  • In order to Login to your Microsoft Outlook account account open your search engine and type and the Sign-in page will open. Then click on the Outlook Sign in button.
  • Now enter your Email Address or Phone Number on which your Hotmail login account has been created. Then select Next.
  • Now type your Account Password on the new page that has opened and select Sign in option, and you will be logged in to your Microsoft account.

How to Recover Microsoft Account Password?

Loosing passwords feels very frustrating when you cannot seem to login into your account especially when you have not backed up your account information somewhere else. The following are the steps through which the Lost/Forgotten Password of your Microsoft Account login can be easily recovered.

  • To Recover any forgotten Password of your account, open your web browser and type Once you are landed on the desired page, type in the Email Address of your account which you want to recover.
  • Now, you will be asked to enter an additional Email Address that could be used by Microsoft to get in touch with you regarding the Lost Password of your Account.
  • A Captcha will appear on the computer screen with a scattered Picture of Letters or Numbers, you need to enter these numbers or letters accordingly. This will make sure that you are not a Robot or you are not trying to steal some one's email account.
  • Now, Microsoft will send you a Verification Email message to verify your Contact Email so that Hotmail makes sure no hacker is trying to hack your account. You will be sent a Security Code for Verification, enter that Code to Verify your the Additional Email Address that you had provided and then click Verify.
  • In the end, you will be sent a Form in which you need to enter your correct information as much as possible which Microsoft will then compare with the Original Account Information and respond to you on the Additional Email provided by you within the next 24 hours. If they find your information correct enough, then they will grant you access to your Microsoft Outlook Account.

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