Hotmail Sign up,, along with Yahoo and Gmail, tends to be one of the most popular email service providers in the world. Nowadays, this email service provider is labeled as Outlook and owned by Microsoft . Basically, you can complete the Hotmail sign up process and get a new account within minutes, and you will learn how to do it right on this page.

Hotmail LoginHotmail Sign Up

Hotmail Login / Hotmail Sign in

Now that you have successfully created an account, you can affiliate other sites such as Skype to your account. One of the first things you will need to do after creating an account is to sign up. The same site will be used to send/receive any emails that might be sent by or to you from your account. Here are the steps you need to do to sign in to your newly made account.

Type in your browser. A window will pop up that will ask for your email account, add the email account you used while signing up, press Next will open a new window that will ask for the password, enter the password in the box.

Hotmail Login Mobile

Hotmail merged with Microsoft Outlook, so if you are trying to open your Hotmail account, it is the same thing as you trying to open your Outlook account.

You can use Microsoft Outlook to access your account on desktop, and also you can use the Microsoft Outlook app for mobile platforms. This article is dedicated to explaining how to login on your mobile, and these steps are simplified below:

Note: If you are logging into your account after 270 days for old accounts, or after 10 days of newly creating the account, it will be deleted and you'll need to make a new account. If you follow these steps, then you’ll not have any issues logging into your account.

Create Hotmail Account - Hotmail Sign up

If you don’t have an account with Hotmail yet, you can get one within minutes. Basically, this will allow you to get an email address with the appealing “” and gain access to all the services from Microsoft. All in all, follow our guidelines from this section and register a Hotmail account.

Hotmail Sign Up Problems

There are a variety of problems that you may face while attempting to sign up for Hotmail. We have done our best in order to research the most common issues and come up with solutions to them, and you can find them here.

I don’t want to link my Hotmail account to a phone number or another email address. Unfortunately, literally forces the users to do it. After you access your Hotmail account for the first time, Hotmail displays a pop-up window that requires you to link your account to a phone number/email address. Unfortunately, there is no way how you can avoid it. We recommend you that, at least, you can provide a fake email address.

I want to create another Hotmail account. As a matter of fact, you can create as many Hotmail accounts as you want. There isn't any prohibition in that regard. Please, follow the guidelines from the first section of this guide and create a new account. You will be able to access both accounts anytime.

How to Link Mobile Phone to Your Account

You are able to link your mobile phone number to your Hotmail account. That will actually help you to keep your account secure. Also, you will get a tool that you will help you to recover the password of your account if there will be such a need. In this part of our guide, we will show you how to link your Hotmail account and make it safer.

How to Link a Secondary Email Address to Your Outlook Account

Instead of linking your Hotmail account to a phone number (due to the privacy reasons), you may consider that it would be safer to link it to an email address. This will help you make your Hotmail account more protected while avoiding providing your phone number. Learn here how to link your account to another email address:

How to Add a Signature in Hotmail

If you haven’t specified a signature when you were signing up for Hotmail but now you have changed your mind, skip your worries. At this stage of our Hotmail sign up guide, we will show you how to change your Hotmail signature.

How to Recover Hotmail Password?

It is important to know how to recover the account password, as it is the most common reason for the cause of Hotmail issues. It is very easy and straightforward to recover lost Hotmail account password. Don’t forget Hotmail has been merged with Microsoft Outlook, so the Outlook app will be used in recovering the lost password. Steps for recovering lost Hotmail password are simplified below:


Q: How to sign up for a second Hotmail account?
At first, you must log out of your first Hotmail account. Then, just access the Outlook website once again and select “Create Account” instead of logging in to your first account.

Q: Why can’t I sign up for Hotmail?
First of all, make sure that the username you are specifying is not taken by anyone else. Secondly, make sure that you provide an eligible age (only customers aged 13 or over can get a Hotmail account). Also, ensure that you enter the symbols from the Captcha code correctly.

Q: How to sign up for without a phone number?
Basically, this is very simple. Hotmail doesn’t require you to link your email address to a phone number, but it does require you to link to a phone number OR an email address. Therefore, link your Hotmail account to another email address, and the problem will be solved.

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